Hospital Artwork & Murals


2021-2022 ATRC Paintings

Acrylic on Canvas


2021 Waterfall 1 Painting

Acrylic and collage on board



2020 Peer Support Mural

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Mixed Media Mural

2020 Pandemic – Colouring to Cope

At a time when we are all feeling increased levels of stress and anxiety, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton invited the community to honour our heroes of healthcare while also caring for ones own mental health. In collaboration with Art Therapy and St. Joe’s, I illustrated this drawing to colour as engaging in art can reduce feelings of anxiety and help to elevate mood and creativity. The illustration was featured in the Hamilton Spectator in April/20.


2019-2020 Harbour North Revitalization Art Project

In 2019, the Seniors Mental Health Behavioural Inpatient Program teamed up with Art Therapy to create interactive murals, art installations and implement new therapeutic spaces on the Harbour North 1 and Harbour East 1 units as part os a unique revitalization project. The intent of the project was to improve care through providing a more welcoming, enjoyable and warm space for staff, patients and families.

Myself and a dedicated team of research students, artists and volunteers formed the HN1 Art Committee and worked on the research, design, creation and implementation of this project from January 2019 to January 2020.


2017 Art Forms Transformative Force Exhibit

The Transformative Force Art Exhibit collaborated with Art Forms Youth Studio to provide young adults the opportunity to paint, write, record and exhibit artwork in the community. This work was created through a series of workshops with myself and Canadian writer Gary Barwin. The collaboration showcased a collection of visual and audio interpretations of Hamilton’s fondest waterfalls, utilizing tools of expression, creative writing, voice recording and interpretive abstract painting. The exhibit explored themes of self-exploration through nature based and narrative metaphors while also acknowledging Canada’s fresh water status in relation to Hamilton’s urban landscape being identified as the waterfall capital of the world. On Friday October 13th 2017 the group exhibited the series of artwork during Art Crawl in Hamilton ON. The following video documents the experience during the opening exhibit.

2017 Infinite Hope Mural St. Joseph’s Hospital

 Acrylic and mixed media painting onto 6×6 foot wood panel- 2017
Infinite Hope, a mural created through the Mood Disorders Art Therapy Program symbolizes an expressive and tangible piece of therapeutic art. I facilitated the Art Therapy Mural Group, supporting the process of artistic collaboration between clients. The large scale painting was created in the form of a mandala, a spiritual symbol representing unity and wholeness.

Using nature as a metaphor for the seasons of change in mind, body and spirit the mural seeks to represent each individuals own unique journey in their recovery. The mural is on permanent display at St. Joseph’s West 5th Hospital in the Mood Disorders Outpatient Clinic.

                                 Infinite Hope process drawings, 2017


2014 -2015 Tiles For Transition

Tiles for Transition was an Art Therapy initiative that engaged approximately 1100 people at St.Josephs West 5th hospital including patients, staff and the Hamilton community. Each person who created a tile had the opportunity to donate the artwork back to the hospital for display. The donated work was composed into 33 framed works with curated placement around the hospital and are on permanent display.

“I have to say that Laura Bromwich is a remarkable young woman who did an outstanding job of clearly showing why art therapy is an adjunct therapy that we should consider in our program. Through the Tiles for Transition Project I worked extremely close with Laura and I saw transformational change in so many patients and in myself. We are excited to have Laura join our team and I know she will help us develop this role not only on our program but in the hospital as a whole thereby hopefully increasing the capacity for others to follow.”  

-Sharon Simons, Manager, Mood Disorders Program, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Hamilton

Tiles for Transition Project, 2014

Tile Artwork

Tiles for Transition, St. Joseph’s West 5th, Level 1 Foyer

Tile Artwork

Tiles for Transition, St. Joseph’s West 5th, Level 1 Foyer

Tile Artwork

Tiles for Transition, St. Joseph’s West 5th, Level 1 Foyer

Tile Artwork

Tiles for Transition, St. Joseph’s West 5th, Level 1 Foyer